In our mobile-first world, we all count on apps to deliver the right information at the right place and time.

Unfortunately, few (if any) smartphone apps today are “smart" enough to fulfill this promise. Instead of giving us exactly what we’re looking for, apps overwhelm us with too many unwanted notifications — or force us to click, check-in, or search for the information we really need.

At A.R.O., we believe that context is the key to creating the next generation of awesome app experiences. In order to be more effective, apps need to know more about us, the users they serve. They need to know what we’re up to, where we’re headed, where we’ve been — and most importantly, what information we want them to get for us. Tomorrow’s apps will use the sensors already embedded in our smartphones, wearable devices, and personal computers to understand our current context and figure out how they can best enhance our experience — on device or in the real world.

You don’t have to wait until tomorrow, however, to start taking advantage of context.

A.R.O.’s patent-protected software and services help application developers, OEMs, and wireless carriers unlock contextual intelligence from rich streams of sensor data — today. Contact us for more information about how we can help you and your apps take full advantage of the contextual intelligence available from smartphones and wearables.



OverHeard for iOS is the addictive sound-sharing app that helps you capture sounds worth sharing. With OverHeard you can capture sounds after they happen, and share sounds like you share photos! Never miss a beat with OverHeard.


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Saga is the essential lifelogging app to record and share authentic life stories. Saga uses smartphone sensors, third-party data, and user input to build rich, contextual lifelogs. Users can choose to share their lifelogs with friends, family and followers. Check out the Saga blog at




Bubbleator is a suite of Windows 8 and Android apps and wallpapers that transform your home screen into a live stream of information updates.




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